Ideas for your Texas Outdoor Living Areas

  The Texas heat can be brutal, but even so, doesn’t mean you can’t beat the heat and still enjoy your Outdoor Living space. Adding an outdoor living area is a great way to give everyone in your home more … Continued

Taking the Next Step with Flooring

Nalle Custom Homes will walk every step of the way in helping you build your new custom home. Of course when it comes to your new home, your literal first steps in design are fundamental. There are a wide variety … Continued

Cabinetry, Function & Design for your Home

Cabinets greatly influence the look and feel of a house where they are present and, of course, the kitchen cabinets are a major selection to make for your new home. As all things, it’s about design and functionality, encompassing the … Continued

Welcome to Your New Kitchen

While planning your new custom home, there’s a ton of details to go over.  At this point you have probably taken the time to envision how you’d like the overall design to look like. However, sometimes what was thought of … Continued

Making the most of your Living Space

In a perfect world, we could do what we want, when we want, but life isn’t that simple. We are constantly bombarded with constraints; however, it’s a matter of making the most of what we have and ‘maximizing’ our utility, … Continued

Transitional Style

It’s an exciting time when beginning to conjure up ideas while picturing your new custom home. However, before getting things finalized the question of design inevitably comes to play. Of course, there are a myriad of styles to choose from, … Continued

What is Green Building?

Over time a lot of different factors have affected our planet and the Earth isn’t as healthy as it was in its early years. Pollution, waste and degradation of natural environments has over time led to a less healthy world … Continued

Customized Homes, Customized Care

Customizing your home can be a long, drawn out process. However, customizing your home with Nalle Homes will allow you to enjoy the process. It won’t feel long or drawn out, either, because our home specialists and years of expertise … Continued

5 Flooring Options for Your Custom Home

Whether you’re replacing your home’s flooring or building a custom home, you’re going to have to make decision on what flooring is best suited for your home. Cost, look, upkeep and longevity are all important factors to keep in mind, … Continued