What is Green Building?


Over time a lot of different factors have affected our planet and the Earth isn’t as healthy as it was in its early years. Pollution, waste and degradation of natural environments has over time led to a less healthy world for people to live in. Luckily, in recent years, many people have been switching to “green” products and services to help keep our environment healthy. At Nalle homes, we are equally committed to environmentally friendly practices and “green building.” But what is green building, and what exactly do we do to take care of the environment while building your home? Read on to find out!

What is Green Building?

If you’re familiar with other “green” movements, you probably already have a good idea of what green building is. Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) is a commitment to constructing a home through environmentally procedures as well as implementing aspects of the home that allow for continuing green usage such as sustainable energy use and waste reduction. Therefore, if you’re looking for a custom home builder who will help you achieve your dream for a beautiful, green living space, Nalle Custom Homes can help you achieve that goal.

What Services Do We Commonly Offer?

As custom home builders, we realize that you, the owner, are in charge and we want to help you build the home of you want. With that in mind, we’re open to discussing all options you have when it comes to building a green home. Below are some of the common services we use to make a home “green” for our clients:

  • Spray Foam Insulation — This form of insulation is incredibly efficient and dramatically decreases the airflow in and out of your home. As a result, the efficiency of cooling and heating costs, as well as the quality of air in your home will greatly increase.

  • On Demand Hot Water Heaters — Safer, cheaper and more Efficient, these heaters only heat water when you need hot water saving you greatly. You can also set precise temperatures for your water and will never run out of hot water with these heaters.

  • High Efficiency HVAC — All of our homes start with a 14 seer HVAC that cut costs of heating, ventilation and air conditioning greatly while allowing you to control humidity levels in your home.

  • Solar Paneling — Many homeowners are switching to solar panel, and we’re dedicated to helping you install solar panelling for your home.

  • Water Catchment Systems — We use specially designed gutters to repurpose water for future use in gardens or other irrigation needs.

  • Low or No VOC Paints — When desired we can use paints that contain minimal or no volatile organic compounds.

  • …And More! — These are just a few of the services we offer. Again, Nalle Custom Homes is dedicated and open to putting all options on the table to help you build your dream home.

If you have questions regarding green building for your custom home, or would like to speak with us to start building your new humble abode, contact Nalle Custom Homes today!