Welcome to Your New Kitchen

While planning your new custom home, there’s a ton of details to go over.  At this point you have probably taken the time to envision how you’d like the overall design to look like. However, sometimes what was thought of as the minutiae of home building, turns out to be one of the most impacting aspects of the house. So when considering upgrades, what better place to start than in the kitchen.

The kitchen can sometimes be considered the hub of the home, where a ton of activity is going on. When going through selections, carefully consider your options in cabinets, appliances, and any other things that are in constant use, such as the faucets and sinks. For these items, sometimes it’s worth going the higher-end route as upgrading in the future can end up being much more costly. Other things to consider is a quiet dishwasher, custom cabinets, or perhaps open shelving. As far as design, you can match the style you seek by going with either sleek chrome, brushed nickel, or another varying color. You may then consider the shape of it, whether you’d like a more traditional curved look or modern straight edge design.

Check some designs of kitchen’s from our houses:

7713 LENAPE -large-035-LENAPE  Kitchen-1500x999-72dpiKitchen and Breakfast 09







1158 Covered Bridge-large-010-Kitchen and Breakfast 03-1500x994-72dpikitchen_0245







Mosaic tile really adds a nice accent in decor for the kitchen.









The next thing to consider is lighting.
Lighting defines the mood and atmosphere of the house, so placement can definitely make a difference. There are many options and that is all a matter of preference, whether using hanging lights, recessed lights, or standard fluorescent lighting. Something else worth noting on lighting is having large windows to allow for natural light to shine in.


Lighting under cabinets adds a nice touch


Finally a few quick notes on flooring.
Flooring is definitely something not to skimp out on either. Typically for a kitchen, tile or wood is chosen. There are still many options to go for and varying levels as well, but always consider the durability, practicality, and look. Although it can seem costly at first to upgrade to resilient and long lasting flooring, it will definitely add a lot of value to your new home.


cherry_kitchen_0057elm_kitchen_0125 copy








These are some of the details you should carefully consider when thinking of the kitchen, these changes can make a big difference and make what some consider the heart of the home, truly yours.

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