Ideas for your Texas Outdoor Living Areas


The Texas heat can be brutal, but even so, doesn’t mean you can’t beat the heat and still enjoy your Outdoor Living space.

Adding an outdoor living area is a great way to give everyone in your home more room to spread out. Plus, it creates an additional area to entertain. If you have the space for it, no reason to leave an open area without use.

There are plenty of possibilities with your outdoor living adding a grill or fireplace. Also, if there isn’t restrictions, take advantage of the design process and add a porch or balcony.

 BBQ, Fireplace, Porch, Balcony















Texas and the greater Austin area have some really beautiful lots out there. It’s worth taking the time to design a backyard, porch, or patio with the view in mind. Designed for tranquility by nature or for a good hang out spot for friends and family.

Outdoor Living with a View









Of course, nothing beats the heat quite like a pool. We’ll make sure to design the house to your needs and make sure you have a great swimming area for your new home! With all that in mind, it’s key to design your space with comfort. From patio chairs to wicker couches, it’s always worthwhile to have good seating for your outdoor living area.

Swimming and Comfort








Between food, fun, and a good view, an outdoor living area for your home would be a great addition. Feel free to look back at some projects we’ve completed for an idea of what you may also like. As always Nalle Custom Homes will assist you every step of the way in creating your new home.


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