Cabinetry, Function & Design for your Home

Cabinets greatly influence the look and feel of a house where they are present and, of course, the kitchen cabinets are a major selection to make for your new home. As all things, it’s about design and functionality, encompassing the feel the style you are aiming for be it traditional, modern, or anything in-between (something a little eclectic may not hurt after all!).

Touching back on function and design, cabinetry is a perfect marriage of these two concepts as these roles can work vise-versa of each other and will determine the amount of space you will use or need. Although the kitchen tends to have the biggest focus in cabinet design, it’s important to note the bathrooms, utility and other possible built-in cabinetry.

So let’s look at a couple cabinet options through some houses we’ve built in the past!


Paint or Stain Grade

DSC_0052Kitchen and Breakfast 01

Among the first things to look at is to determine whether you’ll want the cabinets to be of stain or paint grade. Stain grade cabinets usually show off the natural grain of the wood material and will give off a more ‘natural’ look, perfect for a rustic feel. Paint grade will cover any grain look and will then be up to you as to what direction you’d like to go with it.


Hidden or Exposed Vent Hood

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Now every Kitchen will have a vent hood, now it’s just a matter of how you’d to present it, or perhaps the lack of presenting it. While going over your cabinet options, you may elect to have a cabinets go over the Kitchen vent hood and have it continue the look, alternatively you may have the vent hood exposed and give a little more breathing room to the cabinet design. Of course, the design of the vent hood itself may determine if you’d like to have it exposed, but if you aren’t picky about it, no reason to have it shown off.


Under Cabinet Lighting


Next up, Under-Cabinet lights. Consider a night where you are running in for a quick midnight snack, rather than having to flip the switch and turn on the lights for the entire Kitchen at night, it would definitely be convenient to navigate with under-cabinet lights that don’t necessarily illuminate the whole Kitchen (occasionally the living room itself). We all know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night and blind ourselves with bright lights. Beyond that, there is of course practicality in having lights right above the food you are preparing.

 Glass Inserts

_MG_4735_6_7_tonemappedKitchen and Breakfast 15

Another option is adding in glass inserts on your cabinets. You can have the cabinets set up to have mirror or glass inserts in them, and if you aren’t quite satisfied with clear glass you can definitely add frosted glass or other designs to it.




Now to move away from the Kitchen. Cabinet built-ins are a great way to customize and maximize your storage space. In place of looking for furniture that matches, you can opt to have a built-in that would be customized to your liking.

Of course, with every selections there are more things to consider, but we’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure you got the cabinetry that’s right for your new home.

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