4 Things Every New Home Owner should Consider for their Bathrooms

Below are a few quick ideas every new home owner should consider. This time, we’ll go over some options for the Bathroom.

First thing first, let’s go through some quick design choices for your bathroom. If you’re looking more for a straightforward  style, your bathroom decorating style may lean more toward traditional. In general, traditional styles follow a more historical ‘rulebook’, featuring a few period-authentic touches when it comes to fixtures, tile and even color schemes. As a contrast, modern or contemporary bathroom styles often incorporate the angular corners and flowing curves of mid-century modern design. These usually have contrasting patterns and textures to create designs that feels both classic and forward-looking.

Eclectic bathroom styles have also become quite popular as they have a tendency to seamlessly combine disparate, seemingly unrelated elements for a striking and playful design. Many homeowners also find a rustic, country-style bathroom appealing, seeing it as an opportunity to “bring the outside in” with the use of wood cabinets or furniture as well as other natural elements like plants and flowers. Sturdy, classic porcelain tubs and toilets, as well as decorative patterns like toilet, gingham and plaid on wallpaper and linens can further unite the design in a down-home theme.

Now it’s time to check out some examples from the bathrooms we’ve designed in the past!
















Stand Alone vs Drop-In tub:  This will definitely set the mood and change the perception of your bathroom. Typically, stand-alone tubs fit more with a traditional style in mind, but as showne here it can definitely be used in a transitional style.









Under Mount Sink vs Drop-in sink: Now when it comes to sinks you may consider a drop-in or an under-mount. An under-mount definitely makes the bathroom look more sleek and tends to make cleaning a bit easier as it doesn’t have the edge on top like drop-ins. 









Glass enclosed shower vs walk-in shower: Finally, you may want to consider your shower options in your Master Bathroom, between the sleekness of a glass-enclosed shower or convenience and spaciousness of a walk-in. In either case, you can have multiple shower heads and have use of Handheld ones.









With Nalle Custom Homes, you’ll be able to find a bathroom style that expresses your personal aesthetic preferences and matches or complements the prevailing design in your home.

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